It all started when I was born

I grew up in balanced and loving family in Lithuania and started my training with intensive swimming at the age of six, shifted to competitive ballroom dancing from the age of eleven, and then from eighteen years onward, while acquiring a Civil Engineering qualification in Food Technology, I concentrated on Pilates and dance aerobics.

After graduation from university, I started a successful career in the field of public health for the duration of 19 years. It was a time of meeting people and losing them again, travelling through the countries of Europe in order to learn and share what I had learned in my professional field, gaining wisdom, collecting the lessons of life, witnessing the best and not so good sides of human behaviour.

I was always a very sportive person and whatever life presented to me, training and moving my body was essential to it. To complement previous forms of physical skills, in my mid-thirties, the “Zen” of mountain skiing came into my life, and in my forties, while moving permanently to Sweden, a serious study of Yoga began.

I completed my first Yoga teacher training (RYT 200) with Elizabeth Welsh in Stockholm. Through her, I got to know of Chuck Miller, one of the most eminent Asthanga Yoga teachers in the world today, and a direct student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Chuck has supported me throughout with his wisdom and friendship, and in turn, pointed me to the remarkable Dona Holleman – a teacher of the teachers of the world’s best Yoga practitioners today. Dona Holleman, through her personal studies of Hatha Yoga under B.K.S. Iyengar, her direct encounter with the Krishnamurti’s philosophy, her fascination with the works of Carlos Castaneda, and with her close friendship and collaboration with Vanda Scaravelli, created the Centered Yoga method. I began Dona’s Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2016, and over the last three years have been absorbing the “Vital Principles of Practise” of the Centered Yoga method under Dona’s personal instruction at her home in Soaino del Lago, Italy. Dona’s teaching has transformed my practice and my whole view of Yoga. 

Gradually I have begun to teach and through my students, new understanding is opening up.

I am based in Stockholm but travel wherever life takes me.