It all started when I was born

I grew up in balanced and loving family in Lithuania and started my training with intensive swimming at the age of six, shifted to competitive ballroom dancing from the age of eleven, and then from eighteen years onward, I concentrated on Pilates and dance aerobics. Around my mid-thirties, the “Zen” of mountain skiing came into my life, and in my forties, having moved to Sweden, a serious interest in Yoga as a training system (Asanas) began.

I learned the beginnings of Yoga (RYT 200) from Elizabeth Welsh in Stockholm at her Shala in Saltis. Through her, I got to know of Chuck Miller, an eminent teacher of Yoga who has supported me throughout with his wisdom and friendship. Chuck, in turn, pointed me to the remarkable Dona Holleman – a direct student of B.K.S. Iyengar. Today I am a dedicated Yoga practitioner and student following the “Centered Yoga” teachings of Dona Holleman.

Through encounters with Dona, I am learning the “Vital Principles of Practice”. Centered Yoga means finding alignment and freedom. Dona’s teacher training in Soiano del Lago, Italy, has continued to “shift my world”. Now, I devote my days to living Yoga. This endless art appreciates attention. For me Yoga is everywhere: is our intentions, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.It is how do we "sit" within.

I am based in Stockholm and willing to teach (inspire) on an individual basis, or with smaller-scale classes. If you are interested do please get in touch.