CENTERED LIfe-ForCE for healthy life

I invite you to personalised small groups and private yoga classes at my home in Stockholm. Individual adjustments with in-depth explanation will put you on a road to a healthier happier you.

For corporate clients I offer a rejuvenating lunch yoga classes as well as practise-based workshops deepening one’s understanding of the vital principals of centred practise and daily life.

The human body doesn’t learn from talking. Human bodies are like “copy machines” and learn mostly from “copying” others and from a teacher’s “touch”. Therefore, of high importance is to observe a teacher who performs well and to receive “hands-on” postural adjustments (“touch”) enabaling your particular bodily changes.

My focus in teaching is based on the Eight Vital Principles of Practice. These principals are meant to help you to master your practise. When learned and applied correctly they re-balance and refresh your vital life-force energy as well as makes your body light, poised and graceful.

With time, in a supervised practise, your understanding grows and you will be able to “own” the principles for yourself in order to continue without any teacher if you so wish.

I have more than 30 years of training experience: professional swimming from early childhood; ballroom dancing; mountain skiing, and combined training in Pilates, Callanetics, aerobics, and yoga. In recent years in particular I have focused on the importance of the Hara - the centre of gravity, the centre of collection of mental and physical power of the human body. I travel regularly to Italy to study Centered yoga with a world-acclaimed yoga Master, Dona Holleman, as well as practising the Japanese martial art of Aikido. It is a unique combination, as both of these arts focuses on finding a way of unifying ki (energy).

I am certificated to teach Centered Hatha Yoga by Dona Holleman personally and by the International Centered Yoga Association. Centered yoga is Dona Holleman’s unique reworking of B.K.S. Iyengar`s hatha yoga. It underlines the wholeness of the body and the importance of Hara. Dona was one of the first western women to study directly from the great Master at his home in India from 1964 -1969.

Aside from yoga, I hold a Civil engineering degree in food production. I am a deep believer in a simple healthy diet. “We are what we eat”, how we breath and how we move. So simple! But in order to arrive to this “Simple” we often need to go through the “Complicated”.

Price for 8 session group course (90 min. each class) 1600 sk.

Drop-in (if there is an available place) 250 sk.

Private individual classes by flexible arrangement.

What you can expect in my classes

1. Small  groups. Each of my students benefits from my “hands-on” approach. I demonstrate physical shapes and correct students posture and movement by hands-on application. 

2. Presentation in a simple way. I want people to understand that yoga it is not what we do but rather the way we do it. We were meant to live that way from the beginning, but modern western life heavily interfered with our innate instincts.

3. We start classes with exercises that have nothing to do with specific physical shapes: Modern bodies have physical misalignment from our original anatomical shape. This translates into stagnated energy areas, causing pain, discomfort and even disease. Therefore, before we can impose any pre-set forms on one’s physical body, we need to “undo” our habitual postural imprints. It takes time, but it makes practice very exciting as one learns so much about oneself.

4. Understanding comes through “not-doing”. We need to learn to let go of the “will”, “ambition” and “goal-seeking perfection” in postures. We simplify our postures, we calm our thinking, we practise “total attention”. Happiness, youthfulness and child-like joy fills you after successful practise.

5.  I use props (sticks, poles, terra bands, belts, balancing boards and blocks) during my classes to facilitate students in opening-up “stagnated energy flows”. However, I never use props to make a form “easier”.

6. I identify different age groups. Later, as the student progresses, chronological age stops to play such an important role. The “openness” of the body leads the way. These days you can find that a 16 year-old may be so much more stiff than a 70 year-old. I have experience in teaching 60-75 year-old students, as well younger ones.

7. A logical and well-defined practice. Centered movement is not at all something mystical or esoteric. Its roots are in the East, but today the finest masters are more likely to be found in the West.

8.  I am ready to show ,guide and inspire you but I cannot make the journey for you.  We all must walk our own line and be ready to “ride the wave” when it comes.